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Thanks for checking out our blog! Here are some fast, fun facts about horses. Look like a horse genius with these facts!

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.

Horses can run within hours after birth.

When horses look like they’re laughing, they’re actually engaging in trying to determine whether a smell is good or bad.

People thought horses were colorblind. Guess what? They’re not! They are better at seeing yellows and greens than purples and violets!

A horse’s teeth take up a larger amount of space in their head than their brain does!

You can generally tell the difference between male and female horses by their number of teeth: Male horses have 40 while Females have 36. Or just have a look!

Horse hooves have keratin, the same protein that comprises human hair and fingernails.

Horses are more secure and comfortable when trailering if they can face the rear.

Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up. No, The horse isn’t dead if it is lying down!

From the years 1867 to 1920, the number of horses shot up from 7.8 million to 25 million. Experts believe this was due to the rise of the automobile.

Because horse’s eyes are on the side of their head they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.

The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse 55 mph. Most gallop at around 27 mph.

Horses use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood. They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions.

Horses will not lie down at the same time because at least one will act as a look-out to alert its companions of potential dangers.

Vocalizations are highly important to horses. Whinnying and neighing sounds are elicited when horses meet or leave each other. Stallions perform loud roars as mating calls, and all horses will use snorts to alert others of potential danger.

Approximately 4.6 million Americans work in the horse industry in one way or another. The US horse industry has an economic effect of $39 billion annually on just nine million American horses. There are approximately 58 million horses in the world and the vast majority are cared for by humans.