Mission Statement:

“Wherever you are, you are privileged” is our company slogan which serves as a constant reminder that no matter what obstacle you come across in life, it is always a privilege to be alive! No matter what is happening in our world, we have the privilege to ride it out.  Horseback riding is a beautiful symbol of this. Because for every low, there is a high.  It is all a part of life’s journey!

I created this brand as a way for everyone to always be reminded of their horse and the peace these majestic animals bring. Our company’s mission is to invest a portion of our profits towards rehabilitation of anyone that has suffered through difficulties. Our brand is directed toward anyone who enjoys horses and comfortable style-driven apparel.”

– Olivera Mihajlovic –

“We hand select only the finest material, sourced from around the world in the creation of our apparel designs”

Select Quality Material

“Our styles cater to those who are happy with a quick stride around the stable or having refreshments at the country club”

Form And Function

“Our enthusiasm for equestrian activities shows through in our graphics and style selections.”

Designed By Riders For Riders

“Our 3-Step Process will get our apparel to you quickly.”


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